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The Yoga HOUSE

"The More You Practice,

The Better You Feel,

The Better You Feel,

 The Better You Live!"

-Tiffany Slattengren




Step inside The Yoga Haus. Roll out your mat. Develop your discipline.  Get to work! It’s time to Laugh,

Cry, Strive & Grow. It’s time to unfold & dive deep into your Heart.



The unknowns of a first experience are Exciting! At Inner Bliss we want you to feel welcome and confident in your decision to practice with us. We designed a space for you that is inviting, clean and comfortable. Come curious and leave feeling stronger and more whole.



*Intro Special for local residents only*




This 90 minute medicine series is highly transformational. Practice is in a heated room to 105 degrees with 40% humidity designed to make you sweat and safely get deep into your body. The sequence of 26 & 2 Postures is designed to stretch your spine and cleanse, nourish, heal and revitalize all your cells, tendons, ligaments, bones & tissues.  Regulates all your systems & returns them to balance. Also, improves focus, concentration, & strong determination. This series is designed for beginners to all levels.  Please come on a light stomach and hydrate.



Yin is a gentle, soothing approach done in candlelight with music.  Yin uses floor leaning postures to deeply stretch the connective tissue fascia structure.


Kundalini yoga uses asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and mudras (hand gestures) for physical & spiritual harmonious upliftment.


Uplift yoga is a 60 minute class, led in a very warm heated room that uses postures from the Bikram Original Hot Yoga series.  Designed to stimulate all your cells and systems and to stretch your spine. It is a combination of static postures and flow.





We’re always prepared-even when you’re not. We offer mat and towel rental service. Our changing rooms and showers always ensure you have a place to get ready or wind down and refresh after class.  Feel free to enjoy our garden room, books and lounge area for tea and water before or after class and mingle with other like-minded individuals!


~New yoga students enjoy 30 days of unlimited yoga for $59

~Arrive 15 minutes before class to register

~Bring a mat, towel and water bottle

~Come on an empty to light belly

~Wear light and comfortable clothing

~Avoid using perfumes or scented products


Single Class Drop-in    $22

10 Class Card    $175

20 Class Card    $325

50 Class Card    $750

1 Month Unlimited Classes    $149

       Yearly Unlimited Classes  $1555

Annual Auto-pay Membership   $135/month


*Intro Special for local residents only*



COLLEGE STUDENTS 25 & Under with I.D.

Single Class Drop-in    $17

10 Class Card    $140

Student Auto-pay Contract for unlimited classes $119/month 6 month contract



Sign-up for our Annual Auto-pay within 30 day intro special and pay just $120/month

Annual Auto-pay $135/month

Hot Yoga Poses.jpg


Read what our students are saying about us

I love practicing yoga at Inner Bliss.  The studio is welcoming, Clean & Cozy. The HOT YOGA room is well balanced mix of heat, humidity  & fresh air.  The owners have put a lot of thought into creating this beautiful, healing space. Thank You Tiffany & Arjan.

~Suzanne C.



I didn't know what to expect my first time coming, but everything exceeded my expectations!  Everybody was so welcoming and made it feel like I had been coming for a long time. It feels so good to sweat out the day's stresses and refocus back to calmness.  I will definitely be coming back & recommending friends to come!!!

~Rachael O.


My journey at Inner Bliss began in an effort to relieve the effects of a spinal injury after months of physical therapy.  The healing began the second I stepped in the door.  I've practiced yoga in various forms for a decade and was fairly certain the discipline in Bikram Original hot yoga was not for me.  One year later I can promise you I am stronger mentally and physically than I have ever been.  The gifts of this practice are far reaching.  Each class I enter cold.  Each class I leave with a renewed spirit, a softened mind,heart & body.  My focus and mental clarity are tuned.  Open yourself to Bikram yoga and feel yourself blossom.  This place is one of healing and growth if you are ready to surrender to it.


Love Jaimie P.

thank you Tiffany!


I feel like a child learning to walk.  I try & try to get a posture and then one time I finally get it!  It's such a celebration!  My first two months in class all my joint felt amazing as they came to life again.  It felt like I was floating on clouds.

thank you,

~Mary H.


Before I started doing Original Hot Yoga I was experiencing chronic back pain & no matter how much physical therapy I did I felt like I couldn't move.  From the first class,  I have almost no pain, for the first time in months!  Now I can live my life to the fullest.  The studio provides a Welcoming & Positive environment for all levels and ability.  It's more than just a studio but a community.  Excited to be on this journey!

~Paige L.


Although I'm just beginning my hot yoga journey, Inner Bliss has been the perfect place to start.  They welcome you in & encourage you in a comfortable setting.  Eventhough it's only been a month.  I already feel stronger-physically & mentally.  I'm so excited to see how far I can improve with their guidance!



Bikram Original Hot Yoga & Yin at Inner Bliss is amazing for the body, mind, & soul.  If I had been coming to hot yoga over the years I know I would not have had all the injuries to my body from 30 years as a dental hygienist, and all the years of weight lifting and aerobics.  When I joined I had no idea the benefits I would receive not only to my body but to my mind and soul.  My days now start with gratitude and I feel a calmness like I've never had. 

thank you Tiffany & Arjan

~Olivia L.


Tonight was my first time trying hot yoga and I will be gladly returning tomorrow night!  What a sweat!  Feeling relaxed, cleansed, and whole.

thank you Tiffany!  This novice is hooked!

~Ellen M.


I initially came to original hot yoga at Inner Bliss at the suggestion from a friend.  I had recently shattered my wrist.  I started with a brace still on my wrist, and became more flexible and strong.  I have also had more improvement in the flexibility of my knees.

The physical benefits have been great, but the mental & spiritual have been even greater!  I am calmer, more grounded and I have learned a lot about myself in this yoga journey.

~Andrea M.


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